Drawings and designs done for other companies.

If you look on the Projects page you will also see specific drawings that we have done for projects where we have been involved in the construction which have been design and build. 


We have been working now for some time with Roman Pools doing drawings for them for their pool M&E.

Below are some of the drawings that we have recently done for them on one project in Regents Park, London.


Below is the GA that we were supplied with. We have made their original drawing into one group and layer and made it all dark grey so that the items we overlay stand out more. In this drawing we have added all of the pool fittings, pipe work and plant along with some setting out dimensions.

Below is a GA that we were provided with and adapted as above and we have added the pool ducting, plant room and other details overlaid on it.

Below is construction details for the stairs down to the pool that had to be constructed. These drawings were done from scratch in the case of the stairs and also most of the plant was "built" from scratch if the item was not available in DWG.

Here is an elevation and schematic of the pool plant room equipment.

On this project we also had to go to site on occasion and attend design meetings with the principle contractor and their designers. 

On some other projects we have had to do all of the work from scratch such as this one in Kent. This was for a pool that the client wanted to put into a planning application. This was a challenging project as it was in green belt land in a site of outstanding natural beauty and the existing property was Grade 2 listed.

This drawing was sent in for planning along with 1:500 OS plans.  The drawing underneath  this is the existing property with references to  pictures that we took on site and the direction that they were taken in. This was put in a word document along with a desciption of the house and materails that it was constructed with.

Joinery items.

I appreciate the resolution of these images is not that good so if you wish to see the original drawings then please get in touch and we will arrange to send them over to you. 

This was a front door that we made for a client. Below is the final client approved design and then below that is the finished product.

Below are some drawings for another house where we were asked to do the doors and the staircase and wood paneling in the hall way.